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Ultimate Comparison To Help You Choose – Machine or Digital?


It doesn’t matter if we want it to happen or not, technology keeps on advancing and it becomes more important to keep up with it. It can be what separates success and failure within a business. For example, the technology of faxing documents began as an experiment.

When it came to the fax machine, there were many predictions that stated it would not last, or even take off. Now it is very accommodating and has become a popular communication tool. With the evolution of technology, digital devices can even be used to send a fax. This increases the speed at which one can send or receive a fax, and it’s also economical because it lowers expenses compared to using a physical fax machine.

Below we will be going over the various differences in using the traditional method versus using the new online services. Please feel free to add any opinions in the comment area below.

Sending Process

Via Machine:

This method was all the rage when it first came out, trying to figure out the machine would snatch up the paper, scan it and save it as a photo, then magically send it to the receiver in another location. However, the process took up a bunch of time and it required a bunch of buttons to get sent.

However, the process was no trouble compared to dealing with paper jams, or having to change out the ink right in the middle of sending out an important document. The issues could be quite frustrating.

Via Email:

Put the machine down, with today’s technology it is all focused around the digital world. The digital solution had a slow start, but it provides people with more options when it comes to sending their documents, and you avoid the machine. With digital faxing, it can be as simple as sending out an email, using an online dashboard or even an app on your phone.

You are no longer restricted to sending directly to a land line number either, you can send to various locations, including multiple recipients, schedule your document to send at a certain time and even integrate with different cloud services. You will end up reducing your cost, and saving time.

Receiving Process

Via Machine:

In order to receive your fax, you would have to be at the location of the receiving machine, or have one of your own. The machine required a dedicated line just for the fax machine, and many supplies for high usage. When it first came out, it was very useful, but when compared against the digital technology we have today, it’s very slow and out dated.

Via Email:

Right away this method makes things easier as you won’t have to physically be at any certain machine’s location. You won’t need all of the supplies, or worry about paper jams, and so on. The machine is replaced with a computer or mobile device, the landline is replaced with digital numbers, which are automatically activated upon registering with the service. More number options are available for both toll free and local, even vanity numbers are an option.

You will receive the faxes as a PDF right in your inbox, from there you can open or organize it as you wish. You can access them via computer or mobile, which gives you the freedom of being anywhere, and printing only what you need to which saves on paper usage. You could even consider this online solution as a way for the office to go green!

Document Quality


Although useful, a physical machine was far from perfect or high quality all the time when transmitting. The machine would copy a document in black and white, and the received document was not always quality. This could have been the machine wearing out over time, or a fault in the machine it’s self, or it could even be an issue on the receiving machine.

Usually black and white quality was decent, however had you needed to fax an image that was in color, you didn’t have any other options.


With the digital age upon us, faxes can now be sent and received with high quality and perfect clarity. It’s not required to first scan the document, unless a hard copy is all you have. You simply choose the file you need to send over from your mobile device or computer. The received file will be in the same quality as it was sent in, and you even have the option of it being in color.

Depending on how the fax is sent out, the received fax could even have a better quality, this is a 50% chance. To add more options, it is even compatible with physical machines, but the quality issues of the machine are still there. For the sake of quality, saving time and cost, many businesses are converting to digital services.


With a Machine:

None, with a fax machine you had to have a stationary spot for it in an office, or have someone who would receive the documents when not around. When the first fax machines was designed, mobile technology was not around. This made it acceptable as people was not walking around with a mobile device and needing it on the go.

With Email:

The digital age brought around the portable technology. First starting out, these services would allow an instant message or notification to be sent to a mobile phone when receiving a new fax. Now a days, thanks to the evolution of technology, the mobile apps allow us to use our mobile devices as a portable fax machine as well, sending, receiving and even sign and composing new documents on the go. These apps are available across various platforms, such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

By having an account with an email faxing service, you can use your mobile device to easily convert into a fax machine for free. This is not the only option, if you don’t want a monthly subscription, you can use apps with in-app purchasing.

While the online services are beneficial, there are still some areas that could be improved. At this point, there are only a few services that provide integrated mobile solutions. This is something that is being worked on, and should see more in the near future.

Still Using The Traditional Method?

The old fax machine as you can tell was a great stepping stone in the history of technology, it was beneficial and back then the fastest way to move a document from one location to the next. However, we have to move forward and evolve with technology if we plan to keep up. Faxing it’s self is not dead, only transformed into an improved version with more freedom.

Thousands of businesses are still using faxes regularly, and still use an outdated machine. These businesses could really benefit with the digital technology of email faxing. Why not at least give it a try as it will save you time and money? With the many service options, some allow you to test it out for a per-determined amount of time at no cost. This would allow you to explore the possibilities of email faxing first hand.

How to Choose a Google Fax Service That Will Help Grow Your Business

Many businesses are already enjoying the benefits of Google faxing, which has become an incredible help for various companies by enabling clients to send and receive faxes without having to rely upon a traditional fax machine. However, if you want to have the best experience with online fax services, then your concern would be to select the provider that is most appropriate for you or your business.

There are numerous internet fax service plans in the market today, however, not every one of them will be convenient or suitable for your needs. Listed below are some points you may want to consider when selecting a Google fax service.

Select a Good and Suitable Plan

Email fax service plans usually work on a month to month payment basis. Normally, there is always a specific amount of fax pages you can send and receive for that month depending on what plan you select. If you exceed the limit allocated to you for that specific month, you would be charged an additional fee per page.

Perhaps, you may have now perceived how crucial it is to look for a plan that appropriately conforms to your month to month faxing volume. You may decide to choose a small plan but end up sending/receiving a high volume of faxes, which would result in paying a greater cost for extra faxes used. In this case, your best option would be to choose a plan with more fax pages per month which would allow you to pay less and avoid overage fees.

Likewise, make effort to confirm that the plan you choose doesn’t come with any set-up expenses attached. These days the leading internet fax services don’t have this sort of charge included in their services, however look at this option properly when you are testing things out with new or growing companies.

Here is a great infographic that covers how you could go about selecting a service.



Diverse Approaches to Get Your Faxes

The greatest joy and flexibility feature of the present day internet technology is the ability to get access to internet services from almost anywhere, either from Wi-Fi hotspots channels or from portable internet devices. A good and flexible service will always make this a priority by providing clients with the privilege of accessing their fax from a portable device such cell phones or tablets.

Today, there are numerous online fax service providers who are already creating apps and integration with mobile technology to allow clients to fax seamlessly when they are on the move

Test the Service Before You Pay

You no longer have to risk paying for a service you don’t like. Almost every online fax service is currently offering free trials. This lets new customers test all of the tools and features that are provided with the service and gives you a chance to experience and review if the service is right for you, without the risk of losing money. Providers know that this is an essential deal that will help you determine if you like their service and could then become another happy customer.

Make sure you test all the features they promise to offer and also contact their customer service support see how fast their response time is. That way you know how fast they will respond in case you have an urgent support question.

Additionally, you can find a link for a free account signup from our service reviews page.

Additional Features

Web faxing offers considerably more features such as giving you a portable faxing solution. You can schedule faxes to be sent at another time and date, get text notification on your cell phone of received faxes, access your faxes no matter where you are, sign your faxes electronically and a lot more! However, all these benefits strictly depends the type of service you go for, and this is what significantly differentiates one service plan from the other and the pricing.

You can compare several of the top providers on our Google Fax Review page.

3 Reasons Why Internet Faxing is Replacing Fax Machines

Technology is everywhere today, from ordering pizza online to online business meetings from clients in different parts of the world. All this with the help of the internet. Business today are realizing that using the internet has many advantages in lowering expenses and increasing productivity and revenue.

Why Business Still Rely on Faxing

One of the most popular communication tools in business has been the fax machine, despite the popularity of e-mail, faxing has not been taken out of the game. In fact, faxing is still used by  many business today because it is a great way to transmit complex documents with time sensitive information. Faxing has been a crucial tool to transmit documents and more importantly documents that require signatures.

Businesses such as Real Estate, Law Offices, Health Care centers and others still rely heavily on faxing. However, each year more companies are starting to move towards cloud technology; such as using online storage services like DropBox, Google Drive and Box. Faxing is here to stay but the fax machine has it’s days numbered with the growing popularity of email faxing.

3 Reasons Why Internet Fax is Your Best Choice

It’s clear that faxing will always be a part of business communication, but why switch to internet based fax? Here are a few reasons why smart business owners are making the switch.

Reason #1. Reduce Expenses in More Than 1 Way

To keep it simple, here is a list of what you need to set up a fax machine:

  • Buy the actual machine
  • Set up an additional land line
  • Toner
  • Paper
  • Electricity (a fax machine has to be plugged in 24/7 or else you can miss an important fax)

And here is a list of what you need to get started with an internet fax service:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • An email

Can you spot the differences? It’s clear that the latter is easier and doesn’t require many expenses. Also, you don’t even have to leave your computer plugged in all day because you can receive faxes at anytime, without having any device plugged in continuously. Why does this make a difference? Because the fax machine was recently reported to be the most energy consuming office tool. Imagine just how much you’ll save by getting rid of the most energy guzzling machine in your office.

Aside from all this, you will also waste less on toner and paper. Incoming faxes don’t have to be printed out unless you need them to be and you can fax documents directly from your computer without having to waste more paper printing them out and feeding them through a machine again. Not only do you save money for your business but you also waste less paper which saves trees. Here is a quick infographic that shows how this solution is helping users save money and also the environment.


Source: RingCentral Blog

Reason #2. Increase Productivity by Wasting Less Time Hovering Over the Fax Machine

If you’ve ever worked in an Office then you can relate to standing by a fax machine, waiting for a fax transmission to complete or waiting to here the busy dial tone, only to have to re-try to send the document. Bottom line, it’s a waste of time; time that could be spent doing more productive things. By using the online method you can solve this issue. This is because online services offer several features to make the entire process go smooth and fast.

You can fax a document directly from your computer, you can send it from your email or from your smart phone. You can also schedule faxes to be sent at a future time or date. Some providers also offer an electronic signature tool so you can sign documents without having to print them out. This is just a small insight to the features that providers offer.

Reason #3. Storage and Organization

If you are a current fax machine user, imagine having all of you incoming and outing faxes neatly organized in one easy-to-access place. If your business processes a heavy volume of faxing, you would need a lot of file cabinets and organization skills for this.

On the other hand, an online account comes with an unlimited amount of storage to keep all your faxes neatly in one place. Also, since your documents are stored online, you can access them from anywhere in the world. Say you are on a business trip or away from the office, you can simply log-in to your online dashboard and view any of your faxes at anytime to resend or even print it out.

Additional Reasons Worth Mentioning

Aside from the reasons above, there are many other features that faxing through the internet offers and here is a quick summary on the benefits it can provide.

  • Internet fax cost per page is less than using a phone line.
  • Faxing through the internet is secure, your documents are encrypted when they are sent.
  • You will receive faxes online, eliminating the risk of it falling into the wrong hands (which could happen when incoming faxes are printed out into a public office fax machine).
  • Budgeting will be easier because you know how much will be spent each month for your plan.

Hopefully this article has helped give you a better insight to why email faxing is the preferred option for many business these days and how it has helped in more then just being able to send and receive documents quickly and efficiently.

Stop Those Annoying Junk Faxes With One Easy Step

stop junk faxesJunk faxes are annoying and they also cost you time and money. Stop junk faxes right now by simply making the switch to internet faxing.

Internet fax supports anti-spam fax efforts.

It’s very easy, there are no complicated installations or steps. You can even keep your current fax number and use it with an internet fax service of your choice.

The best part is that online fax services allow you to put an end to junk faxes with just a click. But that’s not the only feature you will enjoy with these services.

Email fax services allow you to even block faxes from fax numbers that don’t have a Caller ID. Even better, you can customize junk fax filters and block certain area codes or specific fax numbers.

Junk faxes waste your paper, toner and most importantly your valuable time. Don’t put up with it any longer and give it a try today.

Not only will you stop junk faxes for good, you will also save money compared to using a fax machine. Online faxing saves you hundreds each year because you waste less paper and toner since everything is handled online and ready to print only when you need to.

You can also get faxes sent directly from your computer, via email or now even enjoy cloud fax which allows you to fax from Dropbox, Google Docs or Box. You have many options with this new online solution, but don’t take my word for it, try it risk free.

The Cloud Fax Benefits That You Should Be Enjoying

cloud faxIf you use cloud apps such as Google Docs, Box or Dropbox then you can already begin enjoying cloud fax.

RingCentral recently launched their new cloud fax integration service which allows you to fax your documents directly from there popular cloud based services.

RingCentral Cloud Fax allows you to send a fax right away or schedule it to send at a certain time. This makes it easy to organize all your outgoing faxes and make sure that they are sent when needed.

In addition you can also take care of multiple faxing since this service allows you to send a fax to up to 50 recipients

Benefits of a Cloud Fax Solution

Cloud business is the new tool that many businesses are switching to because of the cost effective and reliable service it offers.

Cloud based storage such as Google Docs and Dropbox easily allow you to store your documents online where it is safe and accessible anywhere you go. It’s like having an external storage drive, except you don’t have to worry about it getting a virus, falling and breaking or losing it and the valuable information stored inside.

With Cloud fax solutions you can easily attach any file from Dropbox, Google Docs and Box as well as several other document types straight from your computer.

Get the Competitive Edge

Cloud fax gives your business the competitive edge because you’ll be saving time and money compared to other businesses that don’t make the switch.

Your online fax service will be up and running within minutes, not days or weeks like it would with a fax machine and extra phone line installation. You also don’t have to waste money on maintenance or installations because everything is based online.

You’ll also benefit from smart phone integration since internet fax service also provide smart phone apps that allow you to send and receive faxes from your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Gmail Fax for Your Business

business-faxIf your business spends a lot of money on transmitting faxes then consider using an email fax service to cut costs and still maintain a high quality and safe fax transmission.

There are many reasons to switch to online faxing, but here we’ll go over the top 3 reason to use Gmail fax for your business. (more…)