A Closer Look at Popular Methods Used to Fax Online for Free


Free is always good, but there are always two sides to the story. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In the world of electronic faxing, many are quick to jump onto the internet in search of a free faxing solution. But in this article we’ll take a deeper look into each method available.

Although you can get free faxing through the internet, the type of method you use depends on what kind of documents you are faxing and how often you will have to use it. We narrowed it all down to these 2 options. Again, which you choose depends on what you are faxing and what features you need.

The 2 Most popular methods are:

  1. Online fax providers that offer free trials.
  2. Websites that let you send a few free fax pages.

A Look into Free Trials from Email Fax Services

Free trials may be a bit intimidating at first, especially if you have to enter your credit card information. There are many horror stories about users receiving charges for a service that they didn’t use and not being able to get a refund, plus the haggle of dealing with poor customer service.

Fortunately, that is not the deal with email fax services. Many actually prefer to use these online services because it’s the most reliable method to have your faxes sent on time and safely. However, you may not want to commit to a monthly payment just yet, which is why the majority of these services offer free trials.

You will have to provide your credit card information, but services always inform you how many days the trial will last and how you can get in contact with them to make the cancellation. Many times we are consumed with or daily tasks and may forget to cancel on time. If you are a few days late you can call up the service and we’ve been able to get a refund despite going past the ending trial date from the providers we reviewed.

The benefits of using a free trial from an email faxing service is that you’ll get a complete communication tool, not just sending but also receiving and you also get a free fax number. If you own a business that will need to send or receive faxed documents a few times a month, then this is your best choice.

Or if you need to send/receive a document via fax this one time, but the document is very confidential, I would recommend you use the trial to make sure the information is transmitted safely.

The trial will give you access to all the features such as:

  • Free fax number (or keep your own and transfer it to their service after you sign up).
  • Online storage of transmitted documents.
  • Sign documents electronically.
  • Notifications when documents are received or sent successfully.
  • Secure encryption when sending documents to ensure confidentiality .

If you are still hesitating to use this method because of getting a wrong charge on your credit card, then make a Google search for reviews on the service you are interested in using and see what they say about their customer service and if there are any cancellation fees or troubles that other users encountered.

A Look into Websites Offering Free Online Faxing

We like to compare websites that offer free faxing directly from their web page to drive-through’s and free trials from online fax services is like sitting down and enjoying a meal at a fancy restaurant. Both will fill you up, but which you choose comes down to what kind of meal and dining experience you’re looking for.

Enough of the food talk, it’s making me hungry. Basically, websites that offer this free option let you quickly upload, click and send a fax without any costs but… beware of the hidden risks! Many websites will have a link to their terms and disclosures in which the specify that there is no guarantee that your faxes will be delivered.

Many also let you know that there will be advertisements on the cover page of the document you send, this can look very unprofessional. You won’t get a free fax number, so there is no way for you to receive faxes. You are allowed to send a certain amount of fax pages per day, some will require you to upgrade to a paid plan for more options.

Some recommended free fax websites:

  • FaxZero
  • HelloFax
  • Got Free Fax

To Sum it All Up

We do not recommend that you use free websites to send confidential information. They are usually not a secure method of faxing sensitive information, if you need to send anything business related then play it safe by using a free trial from a trusted service.

If you are not interested in using a service for the long run then a website with a quick free faxing option is probably your best choice, but if you are looking for a service that you may include as part of your business communication tools then take a service for a test drive and see what the internet fax world is all about.