How to Receive Fax with Gmail

Receiving faxes is important for many home offices and large companies. It’s usually used to send over documents that need to be or have been signed in a timely manner. Having a reliable solution to receive those documents is essential for every business.

A fax machine used to be the only way you could get this done but now with email fax services you can also receive them through the internet and right into your Gmail inbox. This is done by using an online fax number that converts your incoming faxes into digital format and then delivering them into your inbox.

The benefits of using the internet instead of the traditional fax machine is the cost effectiveness and security that the internet process provides. Unlike an office machine, when you receive documents they are not automatically printed out.

This can also be a security issue because the printed out documents can fall into the wrong hands or eyes since fax machines are usually in a public area of an office space. As for expenses, being able to control which documents actually need to be printed out helps reduce the use the paper and toner.

How to Set Up Your Account to Receive Faxes

The picture below is an example for RingCentral users, but the steps are similar with other services as well.

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RingCentral Dashboard Example

After signing up with the provider or starting a free trial, all you need to do is find the settings area in your online dashboard and enter in the email you would like your incoming faxes forwarded to.

In the case of the picture above from the RingCentral dashboard, you can opt to receive faxes via email and also as a text message.

Most email fax services will allow you to receive AND send faxes. There is usually a limit to how many pages you can send and/or receive, so be sure to check out how much is allowed in your plan.

When you sign up you are given an online fax number, or you can also keep your current number and have it propagated to their service. When anyone sends a fax to your number, even if it’s from a fax machine, it will automatically be converted to digital format and delivered to your inbox.

Signing Documents

An important part of receiving documents is getting them signed. Which is why it is important to check the service you are using for the electronic signature feature. Many services offer this amazing tool that lets you sign your documents right on your computer, either by using your mouse or pointer pad on your laptop to draw out your signature or taking a picture of your signature and uploading it to add onto the document. Be sure to check your provider to see what kind of electronic signature solution they offer.

What if I don’t need to send faxes?

If you just want to receive fax to gmail and do not need to send faxes very often then your best option is to go with OneSuite Internet Fax which allows users to pay-as-you-go. You can receive unlimited faxes for just $1 a month! If you need to send a fax you can pay per page.