How to Send a Fax From Gmail

Since 1998, Google has drastically change the way we search for things on the web. They took it yet another step further and created Gmail in 2004, giving us a free, simple and very generous storage amount for our emails. Today, Google is still the preferred search engine among it’s competitors.

Gmail has become an essential email solution for individuals and for businesses. Many features have been added onto Gmail such as Google Drive, Calendar, Photo storage and more. Users are always requesting a way to integrate third party services such as being able to send a fax from Gmail.

Currently the big G hasn’t mentioned any plans about adding on a fax solution to their platform but there are other ways fax through Gmail. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to integrate with other services and this is how we can go about merging email fax services with Gmail.

An email fax service automatically connects with your Gmail account, making it easy for you to send a fax online without having to make any configurations. Combining these two powerful gives you the freedom of being able to fax from any location and without the need of a fax machine.

Sending a Fax from Gmail

To send a fax from your computer the steps are similar to sending an email. You will still be using the email compose option and the only major differences is how you enter in the information. Below is a screenshot of what the end result of your email fax should look like before clicking the send button.

send fax from gmail
Screenshot of Email Fax in Gmail

STEP 1 – Create a new email. What you type as the subject of your email will convert into the fax title for the cover page.

Step 2 – In the To field type in the fax number you are faxing towards, followed by this symbol: @ and immediately following the symbol you type in the email fax server (your provider will email you this information when you sign up).

Example:  eFax uses this server information: So it your end result should look like this (replace with your recipients number):

STEP 3 – Attach documents you would like to send. You can include a message in the content area as well for the cover page.

STEP 4 – Click SEND! No busy signals and no waiting, your fax pages are sent securely and quickly.

Your fax should take only a few minutes to send, many services automatically retry to send a fax if needed. Once your document is sent successfully you will receive a confirmation email. Otherwise you will also be notified if your fax was unable to be delivered. Some services also let you include a phone number to which they can send you a text message notification when your fax transmission is completed.

Where Can I Find a Free Service?

Online fax services charge a monthly fee, this price varies depending on the volume of faxing you need. However, prices are affordable and start as low as $5 a month. Every provider also include a free fax number so for a low monthly price you get a complete faxing solution. But there is a still a way to enjoy this for free.

Free trials are the preferred choice for those new to online faxing. Many email fax services offer free trials that last up to 30 days. Trials usually let you use all the features of the service, including a free fax number, and you can take your time to explore and test out the service before signing up for a monthly plan.

Like all free trials these days, you will be asked for your credit card information. These services are secure and your information is safe, however it is important to remember when your trial ends so you can contact them to cancel if you aren’t interested in pursuing a paid plan. Be sure to take note of how you can contact them for cancellations.

Another option is using websites that only allow you to send a few faxes, with no receiving capabilities. These websites work for the most part but it’s important to read the terms. Most terms will specifically explain that there is no guarantee of your fax being delivered successfully and almost all of these websites will place advertisements on your fax pages. It’s also not always a safe connection to send confidential documents. We would only recommend you use this method if you are sending non-sensitive information and aren’t looking for a full faxing solution for your business. One of the websites that have gained most popularity if HelloFax.

To Conclude

The integration of Gmail and online fax is definitely something worth trying. If you’re unsure about using a monthly plan then evaluate a service through a free trial with no risks. This solution is definitely a better option compared to using a fax machine which requires a longer process to send a fax. Online faxing also offers more features to make it easy for you to fax-on-go such as being able to send a fax from iPhone or any other mobile. Get started today and discover what internet fax has to offer.