Using your cell phone to send and receive faxes is easy, fast and a reliable tool that you can start benefiting from instantly.

To make this work you will need the help of an email fax service; which will automatically transmit your faxes from your cell phone to any fax machine and vice versa, with just a few taps on your screen.


  • Smart phone with an internet connection. iPhone, Blackberry or Android, as long as you can access your email from your phone then you are good to go. You can use your phone’s internet data or connect to the internet via Wifi.
  • Email Fax Service. This is the service that transforms your email and cell phone into a portable fax machine. You can sign up for a plan or you can try them out free if the service offers a free trial.

2 Ways of Faxing From Your Cell

Once you’ve signed up with an email fax provider (or even just a free trial will work), you can use your cell phone to fax by using any of the 2 methods explained below.

First Method

Check if the provider you are using has a cell phone fax app. Services such as RingCentral and MyFax offer a free fax app that you can download onto your mobile phone. These apps are a helpful dashboard for you to view your received faxes and also to send or forward faxes.

I have an iPhone so I just went to the Apps icon and searched for RingCentral and then downloaded the app.

ringcentral phone app

Download from App Store

Once it was downloaded I click on the icon and you’ll notice a pop up appear asking if it’s OK for the app to send you notifications. The best option here is to say OK because this way you will get a notification each time you receive a fax or a confirmation when you fax has successfully been sent.

Once you are in you can send your faxes and best of all you can access documents from your cell phone, even through cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox and more.

Second Method

The provider you choose may not offer an app for your mobile, so another option is you use your email on your smartphone. Going about this is the same as using your email from your computer to fax, this article covers how to fax from your email. Your incoming faxes will also be automatically forwarded to your email account.

Pros of Using Your Cell Phone to Fax

  • Stay on top of business, no matter where you are.
  • No longer tied down to an office fax machine.
  • Sign faxes electronically.
  • No ridiculous fees.
  • Easy set up.
  • Free to try for 30 days.

It changed the way I do business…

As a business owner, I find myself  going from one place to another on business meetings, taking care of clients or any other business matters that require traveling. I couldn’t fathom the idea of having to go out and find a fax machine every time I was out of the office and needed to send a fax, and receiving faxes was another ordeal. Email faxing opened up an entire set of communication tools that took my business to the next level.