So you just finished installing your fax machine or maybe you just signed up for an online fax service and want to make sure you are receiving faxes correctly.

Where can you go to send a fax?

Before this meant you had to either have someone send you a fax or go out to a store such as Staples or FedEx where there are public fax machines, but these options means you have to drive to another location and spend gas, money and time.

Which is why I put together this article to give you a few helpful resources that work.

Here are 3 ways you can send a text fax right now.

1. Use a Free Trial – Online fax services are a paid service (although they are cheaper than using a fax machine) but providers offer a free 30 day trial. Simply sign-up and send as many test faxes as your heart desires. Many users prefer this method because these services encrypt your documents when faxing and overall provide a top of the line service when it comes to online faxing.

2. Use – This is another popular internet fax provider, but they let you send up to 5 fax pages for free instead of giving you a trial time. You will have to create an account, but this is free and a painless process that just takes a minute or two at most. They also do not put ads on your fax pages, which brings us the next option.

3. Use – Another web based faxing service, they put a lot of ads on their site and also on the fax pages you send, which is understandable because it is a revenue source for them. Also, in their Terms of Use they basically let you know that there is no guarantee that you fax will be delivered.

Testing the Sending Function

Also, if you want to test if your sent faxes are being delivered you can use the following method. Simply send a 1 page fax to this number:


After it’s transmitted hop over to your computer and go to this website:

This website will show all the recent faxes that have been sent to the number above. In just a few minutes you should see your fax page pop up and if not then you know somethings is wrong with your sending function.