stop junk faxesJunk faxes are annoying and they also cost you time and money. Stop junk faxes right now by simply making the switch to internet faxing.

Internet fax supports anti-spam fax efforts.

It’s very easy, there are no complicated installations or steps. You can even keep your current fax number and use it with an internet fax service of your choice.

The best part is that online fax services allow you to put an end to junk faxes with just a click. But that’s not the only feature you will enjoy with these services.

Email fax services allow you to even block faxes from fax numbers that don’t have a Caller ID. Even better, you can customize junk fax filters and block certain area codes or specific fax numbers.

Junk faxes waste your paper, toner and most importantly your valuable time. Don’t put up with it any longer and give it a try today.

Not only will you stop junk faxes for good, you will also save money compared to using a fax machine. Online faxing saves you hundreds each year because you waste less paper and toner since everything is handled online and ready to print only when you need to.

You can also get faxes sent directly from your computer, via email or now even enjoy cloud fax which allows you to fax from Dropbox, Google Docs or Box. You have many options with this new online solution, but don’t take my word for it, try it risk free.