business-faxIf your business spends a lot of money on transmitting faxes then consider using an email fax service to cut costs and still maintain a high quality and safe fax transmission.

There are many reasons to switch to online faxing, but here we’ll go over the top 3 reason to use Gmail fax for your business.

Reason #1 – Energy Efficient

Using the internet to fax helps your business cut energy costs compared to using a fax machine. A fax machine wastes a lot of energy and it has to be plugged in all day in order to receive faxes at anytime. In fact, fax machine where rated the most energy consuming office project!

On the other hand, internet faxing doesn’t require any hardware to be hooked up. You don’t have to leave your computer on all day in order to receive faxes. No matter where you are, what time or day, internet fax services work 24/7.

You also don’t have to worry about complicated installations or having an extra phone line. You don’t need a land line, as long as you have a computer and internet connection then you are ready to begin using an email fax service.

Reason #2 – Send a Fax No Matter Where You Are

Businesses move at a fast pace and fax machines slow you down. With online faxing you don’t have to worry about needing an actual fax machine to send and receive fax because you have a virtual fax machine no matter where you go.

Internet fax allows you to easily check your receive faxes and send faxes from your cell phone or from any computer in the world with an internet connection. It’s that easy and you don’t have to worry about high rates per fax page.

This portable faxing solution makes it easy to stay connected with your business no matter where you are.

Reason #3 – Save Money on Paper and Toner

You will never have to print out a fax again because everything is done online. You choose when you want to print out a fax. This is not even a choice if you use a fax machine, even when you received junk faxes the fax machine automatically printed them out, wasting your paper and toner. Stop junk faxes for good by making the switch.

In addition, since fax machine always print out receive faxes, this can be unsafe if you receive a confidential fax because it would be available for anyone to see. With online faxing your incoming faxes are stored securely in your password protected account and only you and those authorized can view the faxes.